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Zighra unveils authentication and threat detection solution


Zighra has launched SensifyID, a patented solution that delivers a 360-degree view of user interactions and continuous proof of identity while preserving the privacy and security of the end consumer.

According to the company, this is the first patented solution to run advanced machine learning and behavioral authentication algorithms entirely on-device.

The SensifyID platform gathers device, behavioral, and environmental intelligence proactively to build high fidelity, on-device behavioral models that enable continuous proof of presence and analytics to authenticate a user’s identity. Any deviation is flagged immediately. Key features include: transaction risk assessment, proof of presence, real-time intelligence, sensor fingerprinting and task-based authentication..

“The rise of mobile transactions and on-demand services have opened the door for well-organized, ill-intentioned actors to compromise accounts and commit fraudulent transactions across apps in banking, commerce and other industries,” says Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “By adding SensifyID to our suite of AI-powered analytics, we are taking behavioral authentication to the next level by creating a unique, personalized cognitive profile that cannot be stolen or altered by humans or bots. Businesses that use Zighra’s SensifyID will know exactly when they are interacting with a human customer and when they are not, down to the very second.”

SensifyID is built on Zighra’s proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, which quickly learn from the user and continue learning in just 15 interactions. The solution also works in offline modes.

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