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Biometrics research brief: vein recognition, voice recognition in vehicles, advanced authentication


Vein recognition

IT Intelligence Markets predicts that the global market for vein recognition biometrics will reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27 percent by 2021. Vein recognition is a method of biometric authentication that uses pattern recognition techniques based on images of vein patterns beneath the skin’s surface to verify identity.

Voice recognition in vehicles

Vehicle sales will inch closer to 100 million units as data monetization, artificial intelligence and voice recognition stimulate new growth opportunities, says Frost & Sullivan. One of the trends driving transformational change in the automotive sector will include the proliferation of voice command devices. Such devices help centrally control automotive cabin functions by human voice, removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches. By using voice recognition, consumers can easily operate a whole range of vehicle functionality while singularly focusing on the driving task. Frost & Sullivan expects the deployment of such technology to increase in the near and mid-term.

Advanced authentication

Market Research Future estimates that the advanced authentication market will be worth US$7 billion by 2023. Advanced authentication, otherwise known as two-factor authentication, requires an additional separate factor or credential in order to complete a log-in process. This second credential is often sent as a one time PIN (OTP) that is obtained by something that the user physically has in his or her possession (e.g., an app or SMS text to a cell phone, a hard token or a paper token). OTPs cannot be memorized like standard passwords because they are designed to change every time the user logs in.

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