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BiometricUpdate.com is published by the Biometrics Research Group Inc., a leading market research supplier and consultancy to the global biometric industry. Geared to businesses and consumers alike, we cut through the clutter and deliver the content that matters to you.

You can contact any member of the BiometricUpdate.com team here or find us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Stephen Mayhew is the managing director and co-founder of Biometrics Research Group, Inc. Find him on LinkedIn.

Allison Heather is co-founder and director of sales at Biometric Research Group, Inc. Follow Allison at @biometricalli

Chris Burt is editor of Biometric Update and manages our daily biometrics industry news and research reports, conducts industry interviews and special projects including in-depth conference coverage.

Luana Pascu is a Toronto-based writer and contributor to Biometric Update. She has also written about IoT, smart homes, NFC, cybersecurity, machine learning, and ethical issues in cybersecurity.

Frank Hersey is a tech reporter for Biometric Update covering Africa-related biometrics and digital identity news.

Anthony Kimery is the former Editor-in-Chief at Homeland Security Today. He has 30-plus years of broad institutional knowledge and expertise in national security matters.

Jim Nash is a business journalist and regular contributor to Biometric Update. His byline has appeared in The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Robotics Business Review and other publications. You can find Jim on LinkedIn.

Rawlson King is a contributing editor at BiometricUpdate.com.

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