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Access Control

Biometric access control is a form of security. Physical access control regulates who or what can access locations such as building, campuses, rooms, or safes, and therefore ranges from automatic doors to padlocks. Logical access control limits accessibility to computer networks, accounts, systems and data. Find biometric access control solutions here.


ImageWare’s biometric solutions to integrate and operate with CA security products

ImageWare Systems announced it has joined the technology partner program of IT management software and solutions firm CA Technologies as…


Pakistan begins investigation of 103 million unverified SIMs

A joint group formed by the Pakistan Ministry of Interior began investigating over 100 million subscriber identification modules that were…


USAA to introduce facial and voice recognition logon for mobile app

The USAA announced it will soon enable stateside members to log into their accounts through mobile devices using biometric recognition….


Sonavation releases biometric password manager and security key devices

Biometric ultrasound technology firm Sonavation has launched IDKEY devices, a FIDO Ready U2F/UAF biometric password manager and key product that…


Ionosys combines a watch and fingerprint reader for biometric authentication

French startup Ionosys is now offering SmartSafe, a new biometric watch with fingerprint recognition for two-factor authentication, according to a…


ViewSonic to debut smartphone that features iris recognition technology

ViewSonic is currently developing a new smartphone that will feature next generation Iris recognition technology, according to a teaser video…


Fujitsu to demonstrate biometric solutions at retail convention

Fujitsu Frontech North America announced it will be demonstrating a range of biometric solutions, including PalmEntry physical access control, during…


Pakistan police plan to install biometric system to guard arsenal

Police in Balochistan, Pakistan are planning on installing a biometrics system at its arsenal depot to more effectively monitor the…


SmartMetric incorporates biometrics into multifunctional ID and access control card

SmartMetric announced it has incorporated its miniature biometric technology into an advanced multifunctional identity and access control card. Using its…


myris first iris authenticator for new FIDO open industry standard

EyeLock announced that its myris solution is the first iris identity authentication to support the recently launched FIDO 1.0 specifications….

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