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Biometric Update regularly publishes articles regarding the term "FaceNet." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news about "FaceNet" and other relevant terms. More topics may be explored by accessing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


New paper explores facial recognition biases beyond demographics

The well-reported biases surrounding skin tone and sex are not the only biases held by facial recognition systems, finds a new…


Irish and US researchers improve biometric age estimation with facial embeddings

A team of scientists from University College Dublin, Intel Ireland, and The University of Texas at San Antonio has improved…


What information is stored in face biometric templates? EAB explores

Deeply-learned face representations enable the success of current facial recognition systems today. Despite the ability of facial recognition systems representations…


Research shows gains in biometric identification from thermal images as contracts increase

A scene in the science-fiction film The Matrix Reloaded shows the simulated thermal image of actor Hugo Weaving’s angry face….


Google Photos expands facial recognition tagging feature to international users

Google has expanded availability of its facial tagging feature, which was previously only available to U.S. users of its new…


Google claims its facial recognition system can achieve near 100 percent accuracy

Google published a paper detailing its new artificial intelligence system, FaceNet, which Google researchers call the most-accurate technology available for…

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