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Ambiguous US age verification legislation sets up legal challenges

Putting walls around adult or should-be-adult content online is enticing to U.S. culture warriors, but it’s not easy to do….


Biometric age verification easier legislated when no tech details mentioned

The age-verification/porn debate will never end because every law takes a freedom away and there’s always someone with a stricter…


New US state law narrows its privacy targets for children online

The U.S. state of Florida is next to pass legislation giving people more control over their information, including biometric data….


Second Florida police force seeks real-time facial recognition in apparent reversal

The office of a Florida Sheriff who told a state House Justice Committee that people are not comfortable with real-time…


Florida considers biometric data privacy law with private action rights like BIPA

A pair of Florida lawmakers are proposing legislation to require private companies using consumers’ biometric data to obtain informed consent…


Florida legislators schooled in biometrics as appeal court rejects other matches as Brady material

An appellate court in Florida has upheld the conviction of a man for selling crack cocaine, ruling that the defendant…


Florida bill requiring biometrics for patient identity verification raises concerns

Florida House Bill 1299, sponsored by Rep. Dane Eagle, has a provision that would require Florida hospitals to install software…


Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of May 18

Biometrics Week in Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 firmware update, voice biometrics for customer authentication at Banco Santander Mexico, biometrics in…


Gov. Scott signs Bill 188 into law, bans biometrics in Florida schools

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has signed Bill 188 into law, banning the collection of biometric information from students in Florida…


Bill 188 passes Florida Senate, looks to ban biometric collection in schools

Bill 188, which looks to ban the collection of biometric information from students in Florida, has now passed the full…

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