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Biometric Update regularly writes posts related to the term "Iran." The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news regarding "Iran" and other relevant terms. Additional topics may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Surveillance states: life in the facial recognition spotlight in China, Iran and India

Police activity following November’s anti COVID-19 policy protests in China suggest they are using new surveillance techniques. Concerns are increasing…


Facial recognition in surveillance keeps growing, but so do doubts

Several deployments of new face biometrics for surveillance reportedly have failed to deliver on crime-fighting promises. The first is the…


The thing most people fear about facial recognition spreading from China

The dark side of facial recognition, long warned about by privacy and human rights advocates, is growing in starker relief….


MOSIP’s growth examined as Asian digital identity schemes expand in reach, applications

A profile of MOSIP in the Economic Times says the open-source foundational ID system is now up to 71.7 million…


China intensifies biometrics, video surveillance research as social credit market builds

China leads all other nations in publishing research on the visual surveillance of populations, one of the most controversial segments…


Iran unveils new e-government components as digital ID importance grows

Iran’s Executive Council of Information Technology unveiled the newest platforms in its ongoing e-government initiative, writes CITNA. Among these new…


UID to supply biometric digital ID app to Iran’s national police

UID, an Iranian digital ID and biometrics firm, signed a cooperation agreement with Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces to supply its…


Biometric national ID card projects advance in Nepal and Croatia

A bid notice for printing and supplying Nepal’s new biometric national identity cards will be issued within three months, The…


Advanced biometric border systems could secure U.S.-Canada border, deployed in Dominica, Iran

Investments in smart biometric border systems are underway in Dominica and Iran and under consideration in Canada and the U.S….


Iran looks into biometric payments to reduce card transactions

Iran is looking into a step-by-step integration of biometric payments and QR codes for better verification and to cut down…

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