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Kaliya Young

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Thoughtful Biometrics: DNA, vendor-tactics, better signage and finding common ground

The virtual Thoughtful Biometrics “unconference” on all things biometric generated fifteen different sessions, chosen at the start of the day…


Breaking biometric siloes via dialogue: the Thoughtful Biometrics Workshop

The existing siloes of biometric technology providers, academia, civil society and policy makers will be shaken and mixed to get…


The future of digital credentials: what do we want, how do we want it?

An open letter is seeking help from the community and market to find ways to ensure compatibility between two emerging…


Crunch time for user-centric digital identity with DID spec fight

‘Identity Woman’ Kaliya Young is optimistic about the near future of user-controlled digital identity, perhaps in the form of self-sovereign…


Self-sovereign identity or an ‘infinitely scalable low-cost federation’

The concepts, potential and pitfalls of self-sovereign identity are discussed in a recent podcast episode by Kaliya Young, aka ‘The…

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