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Biometric Update regularly releases news regarding the term "Russia." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news related to "Russia" and other relevant terms. More tags may be explored by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Russia pushing Unified Biometric System to enter secure facilities

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development is preparing a bill proposing the use of the country’s Unified Biometric System for…


Leak reveals Western companies with face biometrics licenses from Russia’s NtechLab

Intel, SpaceX, Philip Morris, and several other U.S. companies were spotted in a leaked database of companies that obtained a…


Dozens more face biometrics turnstiles for Moscow transit, backed by tepid survey

Moscow is expanding its Face Pay biometric public transportation program because it is very popular, according to a city official….


China, Russia, India: facial recognition surveillance projects far from the capitals

Unmanned police surveillance vehicles patrol a city in Xinjiang, a Russian city in the Arctic Circle deploys a powerful facial…


Russian pols OK bill to make banks share client biometrics with government

A bill that requires banks to share clients’ biometric data with the state has been adopted by lawmakers of Russia’s…


Russia uses its facial recognition system to show reporters who’s the boss

In a nation where journalists who refuse to take the Kremlin’s line are sometimes murdered, news of reporters being surveilled…


Russia tries to revive twice-bumped biometric surveillance net, put it near Ukraine

A biometric surveillance system that was only partially built across Russia before being shut down might get a new life…


Heavy-handed Russian government still can’t easily pull off a massive biometric program

Moscow’s campaign to get its finger in as many biometrics pies as possible is intensifying, if not exactly gaining momentum….


Russian biometric players trading hands amid sanctions uncertainty

Western nations’ sanctions on Russia have forced that country’s biggest lender to dump dozens of investments, including biometrics firms, in…


PimEyes launches facial recognition affiliate program, blocks Russian requests due to war

PimEyes, maker of a facial recognition search engine that helps people discover where photos of them have been used online,…

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