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Big Government will exploit Big Data

Big government is increasingly exploiting “Big Data” to track U.S. citizens at unprecedented rates without effective oversight. Big Data is…


Big Data allows governments to spy on citizens with impunity

Governments in North America will increase their use of “Big Data” technologies to spy on their citizens. A recent report…


U.S. gov’t sponsors new predictive surveillance technology

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed new surveillance technology that watches human activity and predicts what will happen next….


U.S. Government Spends $832,000 on TrapWire

Recent WikiLeaks documents have revealed that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security paid US$832,000 to deploy Trapwire surveillance in Washington,…


Anonymous releases TrapWire video, plans global protest

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released a video describing how people can avoid being tracked by surveillance cameras and facial recognition…


The Trouble with TrapWire

Over the past week, the press and the Twitterverse has been running rampant with stories about TrapWire, the counter-terrorism technology…


Anonymous Taps MacGyver, Tackles Facial Recognition in Latest Video

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released another ominous video, and this time it’s about thwarting biometric facial recognition systems with a…


U.S. surveillance system shopped to national security agencies

New e-mail correspondence released by WikiLeaks reveals that TrapWire, supplier of a controversial U.S. security surveillance system, intended to sign…


U.S. surveillance system spying on public spaces

According to a series of recent news reports, former senior U.S. intelligence officials have created a detailed domestic surveillance system…

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