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CCTV Cameras and Face ID Technologies Combining Security Measures to Serve and Protect

The advent of security via CCTV cameras occurred 20 years ago. Now, facial recognition systems, otherwise known as face ID, has combined with closed circuit television to enhance building security and law and border enforcement applications.

CCTV cameras are typically hung around corners, walls or directly above doors. They are commonly used by commercial, industrial and some residential buildings to monitor the movement of people within and outside a building’s confines. First generation CCTV cameras only took successive photos whenever it detected motion, but modern-day cameras take live footage which can be streamed in real-time, globally, via the Internet. The technology allows security personnel to identify both tenants and intruders in buildings, all without face-to-face verification.

Face ID is defined as the ability of a computer to scan, store, and recognize human faces for use in identifying people. Such systems are combined with CCTV camera systems by law enforcement or national border security services to provide a visual verification check against an identification database. As a consequence, many advanced face ID technology deployments at airports and land crossings have the capacity to not only verify a person’s identify but also link to criminal, investigative and even driver and car licensing databases. Limitations on such database linkages however are based on privacy laws and national security policies.

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