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Imation Releases Biometric Flash Drive


The Defender F200 is a compact and portable USB biometric reader. This handy new contraption is a dream come true for “James Bond” wannabes as it is a separate device, which allows for access control to any laptop or notebook. The access control reader is compatible with both PCs and Mac notebooks.

The biometric reader works by simply attaching the USB Flash Drive into the port of any notebook, scanning a designated finger for identity verification, thereby unlocking files. Apart from the added security it gives to protected files, it comes in a sleek and stylish design, which further adds to its sex appeal.

Imation Defender F200 is a level 3 FIPS 140-2 validated device. The flash drive can be used to implement a multi-level security system to protect sensitive data and software. The user can choose to use two fingers from each hand along with adding a password for an extra layer of security. It is highly recommended that at least two fingers from different hands be used in the event you lose an arm or palm.

The access control flash drive with biometric reader does not come cheap. The 4GB Defender F200 starts out at $159 per unit and the price climbs to $649 USD for the 64GB unit. The ACCESS Standard Software is paired with the F200 to make it portable. The software does not have to be installed onto any PC or Mac as it runs on the CD emulating portion of the flash drive.

However, with that said, the biggest flaw found on the flash drive is its poor performance. The 10GB files were only read at 18.6 Megabytes per second and wrote only at 7.7 mbps. This means that it would take a little while longer for files to be stored or read in the flash drive. Similar units of the same memory capacity were able to perform faster when compared to the Defender F200.

The Defender F200, despite its flaws, it still predicted to sell fairly well in the open market. The certification of its hardware along with the efficiency of the system is a strong selling point.

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