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Biometric Fingerprint Scanning for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


The recently approved medical marijuana dispensing in Connecticut is embracing fingerprint scanning for safer and more controlled distribution to patients.

By signing a legislation legalizing safe and closely monitored use of medical marijuana, Governor Dannel P. Malloy made Connecticut another state to join 17 other states and District of Columbia, in approving the use of medical marijuana for specific medical conditions.

This paved the way for Kind Clinics, LLC to set up its business office in Pratt Street, Hartford to assist potential licensees in licensing application processes, obtaining licenses for dispensaries and dispensing machine permits, providing materials and other guidance.

Kind Clinics is a medical marijuana dispensary collective that provides biometric technology for medical marijuana dispensaries.  It is headed by Dr. Bruce Bedrick, one of the nation’s leading medical marijuana experts.

Dr. Bedrick welcomed the passage of the law because with “this new legislation, thousands of seriously ill patients will benefit from having safe, reliable and legal access to a medicine that helps them cope with their suffering. “  However, he added that for marijuana to be taken seriously as a medicine, “it must be provided in a professional and clinical manner.”

Kind Clinics have partnered with Medbox, Inc. for its dispensing solution.  Medbox system uses touch-screen user interface for patients to access medicines, giving them the choice of up to 50 different varieties.

For Kind Clinics and Medbox to be compliant with Connecticut law, safeguards for dispensaries include such features as automated machines with no hand dispensing, fingerprint scanning to limit access to authorized patients and clerks, a pre-paid system using debit cards and not cash, and online connection to the State Department of Consumer Protection for inventory and identification control that limits access to the dispensing machine to properly authorized patients or clerks.

Kind Clinics and Medbox do not operate the dispensaries; rather they license the technology and provide marketing support and ensure they are legal, compliant, professional and safe.

Kind Clinics currently provides medical marijuana support services and the patented Medbox dispensing machines in Arizona, where they helped more than 100 prospective applicants apply for Arizona licenses.

Will the use of biometrics secure the dispensing of drugs?

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