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Biometric Update regularly writes articles about fingerprint recognition. The following set of links is available to help you find biometrics news about fingerprint recognition. Additional tags may be perused by reviewing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Tenprint fingerprint scanners: All you need to know

Tenprint scanners were developed to read and store fingerprints for law enforcement and forensic purposes. Now, ‘tenprint’ scanners are gaining…


Multispectral imaging (MSI) fingerprint technology

Organizations increasingly rely on digital technologies to validate identities for secure interactions and services such as banking transactions, medication dispensing,…

Applican Time Attendance Systems

Manage Workforce Time Attendance Seamlessly with Applican’s biometric time clock and timesheet solution, for companies looking to easily manage remote…


UK police about to accelerate digital fingerprint matching with hopes to prevent crime

A new system from the Police Digital Service is set to speed up the submission of fingerprints gathered at crime…

Creative Solutions

CreativeTime is attendance web and mobile application software solution in Saudi Arabia and may be the right choice for you….

Infinite ID

Infinite ID brings deep national security, law enforcement, disaster response, and corporate expertise to solving next-generation identity and security challenges….


Mexican feds can’t mandate biometric SIM registration. Can telcos entice consumers?

AT&T Mexico is offering customers biometric authentication to open and secure their accounts. The identity authentication and digital contract holds…

OVE Touch & Go

OVE Touch & Go is one touch payment and fraud protection platform that allows customers to seamlessly pay with fingerprints,…


Grabba brings together complex electronics, the latest biometric identity authentication and biographic data capture capabilities, delivering a fully-integrated ecosystem of…


Dutch Police refine rapid forensic biometrics approach after early testing

John A.J.M. Riemen, the lead specialist, manager and custodian of the Dutch Police’s national criminal Automated Biometric Identification System, has…

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