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Kansas Colleges use Biometrics to Catch Cheaters


Biometric Signature ID has been added by at least six Kansas State community colleges in the EduKan consortium. The move was made as a response to prevent students from cheating during exams.

The EduKan consortium is the first to use the BioSig-ID system in their teaching programs.

The Biometric Signature Identification system is a program which can correctly identify a person though their behavioral biometrics. By installing the program in their online teaching programs, the colleges can recognize if their students themselves are taking the exams or if someone else is taking it for them.

The online educational program has seen a sharp rise through the years. The 25% growth in enrollment has also come with its own set of problems. Among those is the rise of students who cheat on their exams and online submissions. The installation of the Biometric Signature identification system will ensure that the integrity of the online teaching program as well as the students is not compromised.

“It will certainly be implemented by the fall,” said Pratt Community College Vice President for Instruction Jim Stratford.” The consortium has decided to fully implement it.”

Students who check into the EduKan websites will be monitored by the BioSig-ID system. The software is able to determine whether they are who they say they are by studying the movements they make on the stylus, touchpad or mouse. It will also compare IP addresses, time, date and the location of the student during the examination period.

The system works by having students submit themselves to a test which studies their pattern of movement. The test can be done as soon as the student is successfully enrolled and before they can start classes.

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