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Cross Match launches Web-based biometric application


Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometric identity solutions, recently announced the launch of a new Web-based biometric software application called WEBS.

WEBS is the first completely Web-based approach for the collection and management of biometric enrollment data. It is uniquely suited to address the pressing concerns associated with today’s biometric implementations, including security, privacy, and total cost of ownership.

The WEBS architecture leverages a secure, central server that interfaces with workstations, thin client terminals, or enabled network devices at remote enrollment sites. This unique approach simplifies installation, streamlines implementation, and provides a single touch-point for application administration, maintenance, and updates − ultimately, saving time, improving productivity, and reducing costs.

“WEBS provides a completely Web-based approach to the collection and management of biometric enrollment data that is both secure and scalable,” said Cross Match product manager John Bagocius. “The application resides on a central server and is accessed over the network through a secure HTTPS browser connection, providing an effective and efficient way to centralize sensitive enrollment data,” Bagocius added. “The architecture enables users to remotely enroll, administer, and maintain from a single touch-point; saving time, improving productivity, and reducing cost.”

WEBS is particularly attractive for customers managing disperse enrollment sites or who are seeking to easily and cost effectively scale their biometric operations and simplify IT management and maintenance. The WEBS architecture is designed to support the addition of future capabilities and enhancements, thereby providing IT and security managers a flexible, customizable biometric solutions platform.

The new Web-based application, designed to make the collection, management of biometrics more efficient and secure, is scheduled to launch on September 18 at the Biometrics Consortium Conference in Tampa.

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