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DigitalPersona CEO addressed European biometric conference


Richard Agostinelli, the recently installed President and CEO of DigitalPersona, talked about leveraging biometric databases to create value for citizens at the Biometrics Exhibition and Conference, which recently took place in London.

In a major conference session, Agostinelli talked about nations such as Nigeria and Brazil, where the democratic voting process is being embraced, allowing these emerging countries to step out of the “Third World” shadow. In order for these countries to have credible elections, they have to confront issues such as election fraud. Helping to reduce the potential of election fraud is fingerprint biometrics.

Fingerprint biometrics has been introduced to the voting process in countries such as Brazil to create assurances within the voting process. The technology has led to a reduction in political turmoil and is an essential part in allowing for a democratically elected government.

In the session, Agostinelli highlighted the 2012 elections in Brazil to demonstrate the benefits of fingerprint biometrics use, and emphasized that the use of the technology has spread to elections in over 20 other nations.

He noted that biometrics is becoming the new voter ID, and that the technology is evolving in a way that allows countries to identify their citizens. Agostinelli argued that a centralized voting process, coupled with compact, portable voting devices has allowed Brazil and other nations to tabulate elections within hours, with voters able to cast votes no matter where they live, crucial for nations like Brazil with inhabitants in all manner of remote locations.

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