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Fingerprint Cards partners with Infineon for secure biometric NFC mobile payments


Sweden-based biometric authentication components and technology company, Fingerprint Cards (FPC), has announced the integration of its fingerprint verification algorithm and swipe sensor technology into Infineon’s embedded secure element chip.

According to the press release, the primary solution will be plug & play for mobile near field communication (NFC) solution providers to enable secure access and transactions in mobile phones and tablets, with a potential target market of several hundred million units in the next three years.

As part of this work, FPC has made special adaptations to optimize the fingerprint algorithm performance for securing transactions in the Secure Element, while minimizing the memory footprint and use of processor capacity, an important consideration as more powerful phones and mobile applications demand greater resources.

“Secure Elements is a core component when enabling secure mobile transactions and Infineon is the world’s largest supplier of Secure Elements. We are very excited to jointly work with Infineon to enable 100% secure transactions in NFC-enabled mobile phones, tablets and other applications, Johan Carlström CEO of FPC said. “FPC’s solution is uniquely positioned to work in a Secure Element with its low power consumption, small memory footprint and efficient use of processor capacity.”

Interest in NFC technology, particular for mobile transactions, is a seriously growing trend.  As we’ve previously reported, Apple is working on a mobile wallet leveraging NFC technology, and Google has already created an NFC transaction solution, the Google Wallet.

What do you think? Is a biometric fingerprint authentication a more secure way to pay using near field communication solutions?

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