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Neurotechnology updates software, launches new fingerprint and iris ID solution for large-scale projects


Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies has announced the release of MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0, a multi-modal biometric software and hardware solution designed for large-scale projects.

The accelerator, which captures both fingerprint and iris biometrics, can operate with either mode individually or in combination. According to the company, this newest iteration provides greater versatility than any other version, as the update algorithm in MegaMatcher Accelerator enhances accuracy for fingerprints across the board.

“MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 significantly improves the accuracy and versatility for use in large AFIS implementations,” said Antonello Mincone , MegaMatcher Accelerator project lead for Neurotechnology. “When heterogeneous fingerprint data are used in the same system, as in the case of an application for document issuance that includes both civil and criminal databases coming from different fingerprint capturing sources, MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 allows the system developer to configure the balance of speed and accuracy for each different identification request. This facilitates optimal tuning of the overall system for the highest level of performance and reliability,” Mincone added.

The MegaMatcher Accelerator software/hardware solution enables rapid deployment and provides extremely fast matching speeds of up to 100 million fingerprints per second and up to 200 million irises per second. It can manage a database of up to 40 million fingerprints and 50 million irises with the extended version and up to 4 million fingerprints and 5 million irises with the standard version. Multiple MegaMatcher Accelerators can be connected in a cluster to manage databases with billions of records, and the system can also check identification results with other biometric data from any Neurotechnology-supported modality.

The company says that unlike systems that use pre-classification or internal database indexing, MegaMatcher can perform a full database search for each match, which eliminates potential false rejections from incorrect classifications.

The company released MegaMatcher 4.4 for large-scale applications in December, 2012.

As reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, SKyBiometry, a new company providing cloud-based biometric software as a service was recently launched as a spin-off of Neurotechnology.

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