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02 Secure Wireless announces low-data facial recognition integration software


02 Secure Wireless has announced the launch of its fully functional retina and facial integration security technology software.

Named FIT, this new software system can be implemented in a wide variety of security protocols. What it can do is allow a fully functional facial recognition application to be integrated into common security applications that otherwise might be limited to advanced installations such as military or government deployments.

According to the company, the technology has been refined to be “low-data,” which means it does not require large amounts of bandwidth or data storage to be effective.

“The biggest advantage of this technology is affordability and ease of implementation. It can be installed on any system that have existing cameras and the software is self-contained so it does not require any major integration of any software systems that are in use by the customers, such as bank security or mobile pay systems,” President of 02 Secure Wireless, Val Kazia said.

“Imagine you have your tablet or smartphone lost or stolen and because of the FIT technology your device and information cannot be accessed, or your credit card information is comprised and a thief tries to make a purchase at a retail store and the FIT scan fails because the user is not recognized as the owner of the card. The applications of this technology are just being recognized and can be applied to endless situations.”

The company says the applications of this software are vast, based on its adaptability. 02 intends to focus on the banking industry and nationwide voter registration as the major end users of this technology. 02 will also look to implement the FIT technology heavily towards a nationwide bank ATM as well as point of sale systems.

FIT security technology will also be pre-installed on all of its “universal” or unlocked wireless devices that are to be released in the first quarter 2013, and the company will soon open its first retail outlet this month.

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