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Fujitsu develops super-thin vein authentication sensor

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Fujitsu has launched a practical version of what the company says is the world’s smallest contactless vein authentication sensor.

According to the company, this newly developed sensor is unique for its compact form factor, being 5.2mm thinner and 56% lighter than other sensors on the market. At approximately 4g, the company says the size has been reduced to a 25mm width, a 25mm depth and a height of 6mm.

In order to achieve this small size, Fujitsu also had to develop new lighting and optical systems to be housed inside the sensor as well. The company also says that the new scanner’s recognition accuracy is quite high with a false-negatives rate of 0.01% and a false-positives rate of 0.00008%.

Reported previously, Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication systems have been in the news lately, particularly regarding school implementations.

Hawthorne Middle School and Ramona Elementary, in California’s Hawthorne school district, are currently testing Fujistsu’s palm vein authentication systems in an attempt to speed up lunch lines in the busy schools, though so far, many students have yet to adopt the new technology.

Reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, the Carroll County Public School Board in Maryland has halted the implementation of Fujitsu palm scanners within the school district, and a recently proposed bill threatens the collection of biometrics from school children in the state altogether.  

The proposed bill, Senate Bill 855, would prohibit school boards from collection biometric information for the use of electronic identification.

A recent BiometricUpdate.com feature investigates these systems and takes a look at the arguments from both sides of the issue of biometric payments in schools.

Earlier this month, Fujitsu Frontech North America and smplsolutions forged a reseller relationship to market Fujitsu’s PalmSecure and PalmEntry Physical Access Control systems.

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