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SIOnyx launches new CMOS image sensors suitable for biometrics

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SIOnyx, Inc. has announced its latest ZQETM family of CMOS image sensors, featuring sensitivity enhancements as high as 10x incumbent solutions.

The SIOnyx XQE family includes three new high performance sensors: the 1.3M pixel XQE-1310, the 1.0M pixel XQE-0920, and the 0.6M pixel XQE-0570. The XQE sensor family is based upon SIOnyx’s black silicon semiconductor process technology that enhances the sensitivity of silicon based light detectors.

“These new XQE sensors represent a tremendous accomplishment for our sensor team and our company,” Stephen Saylor, President and CEO of SiOnyx said. “Since CCD and CMOS sensors were invented decades ago, image sensor development has focused almost entirely on capturing images in the visible spectrum. XQE sensors build upon this foundation of excellence and add a new dimension of extraordinarily high sensitivity in the near infrared spectrum.”

Infrared sensitivity is necessary in many existing and emerging mass-market applications, including biometrics, eye-tracking and human interface systems, as well as surveillance. In biometrics, IR sensing has the advantage of operating over a wide variety of lighting conditions, as low light is a hurdle many rudimentary systems have trouble overcoming.

According to the company, the sensors in the ZQE family share the benefits of ultra-low read noise for extended low light imaging and 72dB of native dynamic range. Additionally, all XQE sensors have on-chip HDR features that allow up to 120dB dynamic range capability.

Reported previously in BIometricUpdate.com, small cameras have the ability to perform some impressive identification tasks. For example, researchers at Fujitsu have developed software that measures pulse with a smartphone’s camera, based on the brightness of an individual’s face and the changes that occur based on heart beat and blood flow.

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