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Cisco report shows drivers open to biometrics for personalized car security


Cisco has just published a new Customer Experience Report, which indicates that many drivers are warming up to the use of biometric systems in their cars.

Specifically, the report indicates that 60% of consumers are willing to provide biometric information in return for personalized car security or car security.

This latest Cisco study surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across 10 countries and examined consumer preferences of technology used when buying and driving a car. According to the company, consumers are eager to see more transportation changes in terms of customization, safety, time and cost savings.

I’ve been saying for quite some time now that biometrics could greatly improve the automotive experience and it’s good to see that the market is beginning to understand the value biometrics could bring to the party.

That being said, the Cisco survey only reports about biometrics for car security, which biometrics can do well — seeing as access control consumes a large part of this industry — but what it leaves out is biometrics for customization, which is somewhat unexplored terrain in automobiles (think: auto-adjusted seats, mirrors, climate, navigation and even keyless start options for registered drivers).

I’m not the only one who thinks this, either.  I’ve spoken with a biometric company recently that’s shown particular interest in developing a biometric in-car system with cabin customization in mind.

Reported previously, another recently-published Cisco Customer Experience Report shows that customers are mostly willing to share biometric data with their bankers.

Nuance Communications and BYD, a domestic auto manufacturer in China have recently teamed up and introduced a new sedan which includes Nuance’s voice recognition technology, though it does not include support for speaker identification. 

Engineers at Ford have been playing around with biometrics in cars to improve the driving experience as a part of its health and wellness research efforts. 

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