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Fulcrum Biometrics announces palm vein developer bundle

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Fulcrum Biometrics has just made its FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle available, bundled with the Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein sensor.

According to the company, this suite includes the FbF Palm Vein biosensor, FbF Listener, FbF biometric controls as well as the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor.

“The new, smaller PalmSecure sensors from Fujitsu enable cutting-edge palm vein technology to be used in a much broader array of biometric applications,” Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics said. “But integrating new technologies can often be a complex, expensive and time-consuming proposition. To ease integration complexity, we created an FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle to provide developers with cost-effective, easy-to-use tools that integrate seamlessly with PalmSecure sensors, reducing time-to-market from months to weeks or even days.”

According to the company, palm is a superior modality because each individual’s patterns of blood vessel are as unique as a fingerprint or iris, but the palm has a broader area and more complex vascular pattern that contains multiple differentiating features for personal identification.

The FbF framework is a rapid biometric application deployment system comprised of several reusable components that developers can quickly deploy in their environment. The FbF components are designed to remove all the complexity for developers who need to use high quality biometric identification and authentication but who do not have the experience or time to learn the intricacies of developing biometric solutions.

Reported previously, Fulcrum Biometrics has signed a reseller agreement with IriTech, that now allows Fulcrum to sell the company’s line of IriShield iris recognition scanners.

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