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Purdue launches biometric research center

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Purdue University has announced the opening of a new research center focused on biometrics.

The International Center for Biometric Research has been born out of the University’s College of Technology, and the school’s Biometrics Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory.

According to a report in the American National Standards Institute, the ICBR designs and analyzes data collection related to identity management, human interaction with biometric sensors as well as usability issues.

“Purdue has long been an important partner when it comes to supporting innovation and the advancement of standardization in the United States and worldwide,” S. Joe Bhatia, ANSI president and CEO said in the report. “And in light of the growing concerns associated with the aging of the standardization community, the work done by Purdue and the ICBR to introduce a new generation of young people to essential fields of scientific inquiry and their associated standardization needs is very important and very welcome.”

Reported previously, Purdue’s Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory recently evaluated EyeVerify’s eyeprint recognition technology, showing a false accept rate of less than 0.002%, while keeping the false reject rate under 1%. 

“Effectively advancing biometrics research and technologies requires collaboration between academia, government agencies, nonprofit groups, and industry,” Stephen Elliott, who leads the new center said in the ANSI report. “The ICBR helps to support that important partnership by pairing biometrics research with a curriculum that informs students about the central role played by standards and trade in the development and adoption of new technologies and fields of inquiry.”

According to the center’s website, recent ICBR projects have included analysis of the automatic detection of biometric transaction times, the impact of gender and force of fingerprint performance and also, fingerprint quality and its relation to skin characteristics.

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