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Fingerprint Cards boasts Pantech phablet integration


Fingerprint Cards has announced that a new Android Phablet has launched with a FPC fingerprint sensor.

The phablet, made by Pantech has been marketed as the Vega Secret Note and will soon be sold all over Korea. The Secret Note encapsulates three separate models: the IM-A890S, IM-A890K and the IM-A890L. The IM-A890S is already being sold.

These phones follow a previous launch by Pantech of its flagship smartphone, which also include a fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards has seen massive growth in the Asian market over the past year. Reported previously, the company announced its biggest production order to date – 3.1 million swipe sensors – again, for the Asian mobile market. This order is set to be delivered immediately and will be used for both smartphones and tablets.

“The Korean market is one of the most advanced mobile markets,” Johan Carlström, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC said. “Pantech has become a pioneer in finger-sensor-enabled products and related security and convenience applications, such as the new Bartong payment service.”

As we’ve reported, the Bartong service Carlström speaks of was recently launched in Korea by Danal and CrucialTec. The first phone to integrate the system is the Pantech VEGA LTE-A.  

“We have received very positive feedback on the finger sensor and its associated secure applications in Pantech Vega LTE-A and we are happy to deploy this important feature on our phablet product line-up, Mr. Lee, leader of the Component Development Team of Pantech said.

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