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BiometricUpdate.com comments on biometrics job prospects

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Rawlson King, a contributing editor at BiometricUpdate.com was recently quoted in an article that discussed biometrics as a career option.

According to an item in Today’s Engineer, an IEEE publication, King states that the biometric industry is “one of those areas where there will be a tremendous demand for jobs, especially in the future.”

As an emerging industry, the Biometrics Research Group Inc., BiometricUpdate.com’s parent company, projects that the global biometrics market will experience fast growth, expanding to $15 billion by 2015 from its 2012 estimated value of $7 billion.

The firm estimates that the market for automated fingerprint identification systems and fingerprint biometric technologies account for the greatest share of the global biometrics market and is forecast to continue to be the main source of overall market revenues from 2010 to 2015. This sector was valued at $5 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach nearly $10 billion in 2015.

Face, iris, vein, and voice recognition biometric technologies together form the second largest segment. This sector was worth an estimated $2 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $5 billion in 2015.

With the field being new and emerging, human resources will need to be need to be nurtured and cultivated. As King noted in the article, “many of the people entering the field won’t be biometrics experts on their first day.”

“The labor force won’t be quite ready for these jobs,” he said in the article. “This type of work will require a lot of on-the-job training or exposure or experience.” As a result of this, King said “we can foresee somewhat of an employment gap within the sector,” which may actually create opportunities for people to enter the field and grow within it.

In order to help fill this gap, BiometricUpdate.com recently introduced a job board aimed at those hiring or seeking employment in the biometrics industry.

Job seekers can find recent jobs posted by companies located in the United States. Available jobs can be sorted by job title, company or location. There is also a custom search function available to search by keyword, location or proximity.

Stephen Mayhew, publisher and co-founder of Biometrics Research Group, Inc., recently announced an introductory promotion for job postings in the month of March. Job postings are available for purchase regularly at $50 for 30 days, however for the month of March, BiometricUpdate.com is offering a special 50% off promotion, and has brought the rate down to just $25.

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