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Behaviosec authentication technology based on users behavioral biometrics

Swedish security startup Behaviosec is offering an authentication service based on behaviorial biometrics, according to The Independent.

Behaviosec CEO Dr. Neil Costigan developed the authentication technology, which he calls complex, nuanced and instinctive.

“The rhythm of how you type, how hard you hit the keys, how fast you move from one key to the next, that’s what we look at,” said Dr. Costigan. “There’s consistency and pattern there that can tell us that you’re you.”

Behaviosec is currently rolling out its solution across banks in Scandinavia.

Danish institution Danske Bank has been trialing the technology, which proved to be more than 99.7% accurate.

All mobile banking users in Denmark, Norway and Sweden will be registered for the technology by the end of the year, said Dr. Costigan, adding that there has also been interest from western companies.

Behaviosec’s technology has received significant funding from US military agency Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the company has also been approached by many Silicon Valley companies.

And despite having some limitations, Behaviosec offers a high level of convenience that you can’t get with other competing authentication technologies, said Dr. Costigan.

“To be honest, I think there’s a little bit too much said about how broken passwords are,” says Dr Costigan. “I just think that at the moment the alternatives are just too inconvenient for the consumer. What we’re doing is making the password stronger by looking at you.”

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