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Pindrop Security releases newest version of its Fraud Detection System


Pindrop Security announced it has released Fraud Detection System 2.4 (FDS), which provides new tools to help fraud analysts and call center technologists to more effectively identify and predict fraudulent activity.

FDS 2.4 (FDS) combines the company’s patented Phoneprinting technology and voice biometrics capabilities with an analytics-driven, unified workspace to more quickly detect and curb phone fraud.

In the past, the process for investigating a single instance of phone fraud required analysts to manually compare audio recordings and call data, which are hosted in separate platforms.

The process proved to be time-consuming and analysts would find it difficult to identify patterns in phone fraud over time, which made call centers more susceptible to multiple, repeated attacks from fraudsters.

“Phone fraud investigations have traditionally been tedious and inefficient, requiring analysts to sift through hundreds of hours of audio recordings and unstructured call data to determine whether fraud has occurred,” said Joe Yeager, product manager at Pindrop Security. “This manual process ultimately compromises the accuracy of the investigation and limits analysts from exploring patterns in the data. Our Fraud Detection System offers fraud analysts the most advanced capabilities in the phone security market, saving them critical time in the fraud investigation process and making it easier for them to predict and prevent future instances of fraud.”

With added advanced machine learning, Pindrop Security’s FDS offers a new Fraud Workspace, which allows fraud analysts to collect call samples, playback and annotate calls, query the system and investigate possible patterns of fraud, all in one platform.

Fraud analysts can compare multiple calls, group together those with similar characteristics and create their own Phoneprints to train the system to detect cases of fraud unique to their environment.

The unified workspace allows users to more effectively manage call data and investigation activities, offering greater visibility into call center audio events and significantly boosting the productivity of fraud analysts.

Pindrop Security’s FDS 2.4 enables users to configure fine-grained, role-based access control, segment call data and fraud cases by lines of business and improves user management and security.

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