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Purdue will continue to offer Masters degree in Biometrics this autumn

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Purdue University wants to remind potential students that it will continue to offer its online Master of Science degree in biometrics this autumn.

According to the university, the focus of its “MS program in Technology, Leadership and Innovation with an area of interest in Biometrics”, is to provide working professionals with the knowledge required to succeed and advance in the identity management and biometrics field.

The program allows students to participate in a unique blend of courses in biometric techniques and systems. The degree focuses on providing skills in engineering, statistical, and project management to help a student to become an effective leader in the field. Research opportunities allow the participants to specialize in their particular areas of interest.

The program is 33 credit hours and delivered 100 percent online, so the student never has to come to the Purdue campus. Courses for the degree are offered in a rolling format that provides the flexibility of attaining the degree at the student’s own pace and allowing the student to fulfill career and family needs. In addition, the typical course presentation will be in a voice over PowerPoint format that provides flexibility in scheduling time for working towards the MS degree.

Courses are available each fall and spring semester and include classes that cover topics such as barcodes, biometrics, RFID, card technologies, and related enabling technologies. Classes also provide a detailed introduction to biometric modalities, testing and evaluation, including design of experiments, and standards.

In-depth courses that provide insights into statistical analysis and regression diagnostics are also provided, along with selected topics in industrial engineering. The program also offers a IT planning course that introduces the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques that project managers need to plan, staff, estimate, and manage information technology projects. Special emphasis is placed on learning and applying the concepts of managing scope, risk, budget, time, expectations, quality, people, communications, procurement, and externally provided services. Students will have to apply project management technology and techniques to business problems.

The degree also examines biometric performance and usability, as well as providing a course that reviews and analyzes policies, laws and ethical behavior surrounding the deployment and implementation of biometrics. The degree ideally caters to working professionals wishing to enhance their educational qualifications.

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