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The Biometrics Institute reaches 182 members

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The Biometrics Institute reaches 182 members

The Biometrics Institute announced it has reached a total membership of 182 organizations, which represents a total of over 650 individuals from around the world.

“We witnessed record membership growth last year and this trend is continuing,” said Isabelle Moeller, chief executive of the Biometrics Institute. “Over the past year, membership has gone from 163 to 182 organizations. Our most recent members represent organizations from all regions of the globe including Metrobank UK, World Privacy Forum USA, HSBC, Danish Prison and Probation Service and University of Konstanz Germany.”

As the only global membership organization for biometrics, the Biometrics Institute is supported by government agencies, other users including banks, airlines and airports, suppliers of biometric technologies and services as well as the research community.

The organization now has 14 members from the financial sector including ANZ Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Mastercard.

Additionally, there have been several organizations that have upgraded to a global membership to ensure that all their employees from around the world fall under a single, all-encompassing membership.

The Biometrics Institute is currently working toward broadening its coverage so that organizations in the consumer sector, particularly those who provide information sharing services, are able to benefit from their membership and interact with other members.

The organization recently held a joint-meeting with Natural Security Alliance and MobeyForum in Paris and is forging closer ties with the FIDO Alliance, in an effort to connect with like-minded organizations that promote the responsible use of biometrics.

It is continuing to consult with the industry over its initiative, Biometrics Institute Trust Mark, and it is currently reviewing its Privacy Guideline, a guide for members that define best-practice which may vary from legislation in some countries.

“We are also encouraged and motivated by the increased interest in the Biometrics Institute’s expert and sector groups focusing on privacy, technology, vulnerability assessments and the newest group on borders,”, said Moeller, “these groups offer another way for members to engage, share and guide best practice in an exclusive forum.”

The Biometrics Institute has a number of upcoming events, including the Biometrics 2015: Secure identity solutions now! in London on October 13-15 and the Showcase Australia 2015 in Canberra on November 18.

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