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Barclays Bank launches online business portal to be used with Hitachi biometric reader


UK financial institution Barclays Bank has launched its online banking portal that can be used with Hitachi Europe’s biometric reader to provide corporate customers with a single and secure gateway to business services, according to a report by Finextra.

The new dashboard-style service can be used with Barclays Biometric Reader, developed with Hitachi’s finger vein authentication technology (VeinID), for secure customer authentication.

Built from the ground up using agile delivery methodology instead of redesigning or overlaying existing ones, Barclays iPortal provides a single log-in for clients to view bank accounts and products, as well as authorize payments, manage cash, trade services and loan facilities.

Customers can scan their finger to easily access their online bank accounts and authorize payments within seconds.

The portable device can read and verify the users’ unique vein patterns in the finger, ensuring that the finger must be attached to a live human body in order to be authenticated.

Barclays said it will not retain the user’s vein pattern data, nor will there be any public record of it.

Though Hitachi’s VeinID is already used by banks for password replacement, single sign on and ATM machines, in Japan, North America and Europe, this marks the first time the product has been combined with highly secure digital signature technology for the global financial sector.

Additionally, the device could potentially be used more widely in UK branch networks.

“We are proud to be partnering with Barclays to pioneer a new era of security in UK banking,” said Koichi Nakai, Hitachi’s president of services creation division. “The use of our proven VeinID offers a safe and reliable biometric solution. In a world where cybercrime is on the rise, VeinID offers one of the industry’s most advanced authentication technologies ensuring businesses and their customers can stay one step ahead of fraudsters.”

Previously reported, engineering and technology firm Avion Solutions recently used a finger vein reader it developed with Hitachi to identify blood donors during its blood drive at its Huntsville, Alabama-based headquarters,

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