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ID Technology Partners names Jeffrey S. Dunn senior consultant

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Identification Technology Partners, Inc. announced it has named Jeffrey S. Dunn senior consultant.

Dunn has served in the federal sector for over 35 years including more than 20 years at the National Security Agency (NSA).

During this time he has held a wide range of roles, including defense intelligence senior leader and technical director for biometrics at the NSA Laboratory for Physical Sciences.

He served as branch chief at NSA’s Network Security Engineering Division as well as its National Computer Security Center, as well as led research, development, testing, and operations of biometric and identity intelligence systems in the NSA Research Directorate.

Dunn has worked closely with interagency partners such as FBI, CIA, DIA, DHS, and NIST involved in the requirements, analysis, interface design, and test program development of embedded systems and enterprise-level systems.

During his time at NSA, Dunn led the development of optical and capacitive-based fingerprint collection devices, novel 3D face recognition systems, and both hand-held and portal iris recognition systems.

“For over two decades Jeff Dunn had his finger on the pulse of biometrics, from research and development to government programs and policies,” said Paul Collier, founding partner and president of IDTP. “His extensive background in all aspects of biometric technologies and their application in integrated solutions make Jeff an important addition to our team and a valuable resource to our clients.”

He served 10 years on the White House National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Biometrics and Identity Management, as well as on the Defense Support Team established by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics to investigate critical issues on deployed biometric systems.

In 2009, he was recognized as a Director of National Intelligence Science and Technology Fellow as a biometrics and identity technology expert.

Dunn also received a National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation for his contributions on enterprise-level biometric systems.

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