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Imagus Technology to resell ODG smart glasses in Australia

Imagus Technology to resell ODG smart glasses in Australia

Imagus Technology announced it has become the first Australian company to join US-based Osterhout Design Group’s partner program, Reticle Connect, as a value added reseller.

Imagus will sell ODG’s R-7 Smart Glasses to commercial customers in the Asia-Pacific region and to its clients globally, as well as provide them with ongoing support for the technology.

The Australian firm is alos developing solutions for ODG’s R-7 Smart Glasses that use Imagus’ advanced computer vision capabilities and the R-7’s 4 MP HD camera and ultraclear visual display.

Imagus provides solutions for video surveillance, access control, marketing and retail applications — all areas it is focused on with the R-7.

According to Imagus, some potential use cases include facial recognition capabilities and point-of-view records for military, border patrol, police, and other safety and security providers; marketing research and retail upselling and loyalty programs; hospitality customer service; and access control for sensitive buildings and rooms.

“ODG’s cutting-edge devices are the most technologically advanced available today, helping the automotive, medical, industrial and government sectors improve the safety, accuracy, and productivity of their workers and allowing those in the entertainment sector to explore new ways of delivering gaming and other content,” said Glen Thomas, CEO of Imagus Technology. “We are excited to be named an ODG reseller and look forward to introducing R-7 to the Asia Pacific market.”

R-7 includes Qualcomm Technologies’ Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor delivering strong performance and power efficiency, advanced HD camera to capture and share the user’s point of view, ultra-fast wireless technologies, and the ReticleOS operating system that is based on Android and delivers an intuitive user experience designed for see-thru smart glasses.

ODG has spent over six years developing Smart Glasses, working directly with government customers and key corporate partners to build, refine and advance its technology.

The smart glasses provide its users the power of a tablet with 3D graphics overlay in a hands free, heads-up format.

Using positional sensors, the glasses allows users to know where they are, where they are looking, and how they are moving.

As a result, the glasses deliver complete access to information while enabling precise augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

ODG’s R-7 Smart Glasses are available in more than 15 countries through the company’s partner program, which will increase global awareness, availability and support for the device and its VAR partner’s Smart Glass and Augmented Reality software solutions.

“Building the right distribution and support channels, and offering compelling content, is critical to accelerating the adoption of our groundbreaking devices and continuing ODG’s strong growth, and we are pleased to launch our partner network Reticle Connect,” said Pete Jameson, COO of ODG. “We look forward to supporting our partners as they advance awareness of our industry-leading commercial Smart Glasses.”

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