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Biometrics Institute issues new privacy guidelines

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The Biometrics Institute has released its new privacy guidelines to its members to provide guidance on best-practice for biometrics and privacy.

The non-profit organization first developed the guidelines back in November 2011 and regularly reviews the document to keep it relevant and up-to-date.

“With a now global membership base, it was time to review the guidelines again,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute, “and I am absolutely delighted with the work the Privacy Expert Group (PEG) completed to make this is truly universal best-practice guide.”

The PEG is comprised of representatives from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA including biometric industry experts, government employees, legal experts and privacy advocates.

The guidelines were then distributed among the board of directors as well sent to members and key stakeholders of the Biometrics Institutes for their feedback.

“The guidelines recognize that biometrics are applied in many varying use cases around the world under a wide variety of regulatory regimes,” said Hon Terry Aulich, head of the PEG. “It is not intended to be a replacement for international standards or regulatory requirements. It is a recommendation providing direction for the responsible use of biometrics.”

The guidelines contain 16 principles addressing a range of critical issues, including proportionality, informed consent, protection of biometric data collected, purpose, retention and the importance of Privacy Impact Assessments.

Additionally, these guidelines complement the Biometrics Institute’s current project in developing a Trust Mark for biometric products and services.

The organization recently received funding from the Australian government to further develop the Trust Mark certification.

The Biometrics Institute will be providing updates on the responsible use of biometrics at several upcoming events, including the workshop on biometric vulnerability assessments on October 12, the Biometrics 2015: Secure identity solutions now! conference in London from October 13-15, and the Biometrics Institute Showcase Australia in Canberra on November 18.

Previously reported, the Biometrics Institute released its new guiding paper, “Top 10 Vulnerability Questions”, to its members and key stakeholders, which helps to clarify some of the commonly asked questions regarding the spoofing of biometrics.

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