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New Rochelle public schools to rollout biometric time and attendance system


Schools in New Rochelle, New York are working towards completing a roll out of a biometric time and attendance system by the end of the current school year, according to a report by Talk of the Sound.

Jeffrey T. White, the assistant superintendent for the school district’s business and administration, said Finance Manager’s Timepiece system will be used to record the hours of all district employees, except for 12-month, salaried administrators.

The Timepiece system includes fingerprint technology manufactured by Finance Manager’s partners, Entertech Systems and Suprema.

The system will then integrate the employee time and attendance data into the payroll module of the district’s Finance Manager software.

Timepiece works by registering employee information, including their name, biographical data and fingerprints. Once completed, the school district will begin paying employees for hours tracked by the system.

The school district launched the rollout this past summer, initially registering and tracking all buildings and grounds employees on contract or salary.

The district hopes to have registered all hourly/part-time buildings and grounds employees, as well as security employees, by the end of the month to ensure that they will be tracked before the end of November.

Once they are fully registered, the district will need to register all employees from food services, cleaners, monitors, aides, teacher assistants and, finally, teachers.

So far, the district and BOCES has spent $143,000 on the biometric time and attendance system, with an additional $32,000 wiring the system.

TimePiece should effectively reduce the school district’s administrative and personnel costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, gather accurate and reliable employee time and attendance, prevent payments for unauthorized jobs, boost personnel accountability, prevent employees from ‘buddy punching’, increase control with real-time reporting capabilities, cut down on payroll errors while increasing productivity, and monitor employees.

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