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time and attendance

Biometric Update regularly publishes articles about the topic "time and attendance." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news related to "time and attendance" and other relevant terms. Additional topics may be perused by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Armatura is a global provider of cutting-edge biometric technology specializing in access control, time attendance, entrance control and security inspection.


Déjà vu BIPA lawsuits filed against Walmart, Target

Three of the largest retailers in America are each facing accusations of violating Illinois’ biometric data protection law in court….


BIPA defendants and their biometrics providers protected by common interest (sometimes)

A judge in the Northern District of Illinois has denied a motion from a plaintiff under the state’s Biometric Information…


Israel: Bosses can only collect biometrics if they heed worker privacy

Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority has published a small set of rules for employers using biometric scans to identify employees. Unlike…


BNSF Rail’s biometric data privacy case a pen stroke away from being history

Only a judge’s signature remains to settle one of the more storied biometric privacy lawsuits in the United States. A…


World Bank gives South Sudan $10M for biometrics to ID govt payroll thieves

A project funded by the World Bank to help clean up South Sudan’s public service payroll has officially rolled out….


European Parliament to trial fingerprint biometric attendance in line with EDPS opinions

The European Parliament will be upgrading its attendance system to use badge scanning and voluntary fingerprint biometrics, according to a…


Biometrics becoming part of school fabric

Three school systems, two in the U.S. and the other in Brazil are installing or updating biometric security system for…


Appellate court says insurers in BIPA case not liable; 2 more insurers file lawsuits

Court battles between defendants and their insurers in U.S. biometric data privacy cases are not common and don’t get the…


Maximize workforce efficiency with multimodal biometrics

Maximize workforce efficiency with multimodal biometrics Online December 5, 2023 at 2-3pm EST Outdated time and attendance systems are costly…

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