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Vision-Box provides biometric border control solution for Spain-Britain border

Vision-Box provides biometric border control solution for Spain-Britain border

Vision-Box announced it designed and deployed a biometric-enabled automated border solution that enables authorities to effectively monitor traveler clearance at the border entry and exit point of La Línea de la Concepción, a town in Spain situated on the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

Vision-Box implemented the project in cooperation with Accenture as part of an extended program to improve security at Spanish borders through Automated Border Control systems.

The solution comprises of two main fully integrated components, including 26 vb i-match ABC eGates that offer a self-service border clearance in both inbound and outbound terminals.

The eGates are able to process citizens from the EEA (European Economic Area), provided that they are over 18 years old and possess an Electronic MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document).

The eGates authenticate citizens’ ePassports and verify their identity using a camera, which captures a live face image compliant with ICAO standards.

Once the citizen’s face is captured, the system matches it against the biometric data stored in the travel document.

For Spanish citizens, both their face and fingerprints are verified and matched against their national ID card.

The system’s user-friendly interface guides the traveler through the seamless experience, and is even able to adjust to the necessary height and lighting requirements while capturing their face images.

The second component of the system is Vision-Box’s software platform which allows the Spanish National Police to control, in real-time, everything that is happening at the eGates through the use of monitoring stations.

As a result, the National Police can overrule the whole security infrastructure to detect false identification documents, disparities of information between the traveler and the verified data, or any other irregularities.

If any discrepancies are found, the system automatically triggers an alarm that is not silenced until an agent further inspects the traveler, document or situation and resolves the issue.

The Vision-Box unifying software suite vb i-shield integrates all the information from the eGates and all critical data with the platforms of international security organizations, ensuring further security and an immediate identification of any potential risks.

“La Línea represents a critical crossing point of Entry/Exit in the Schengen area and deserves the most advanced Automated Border Control solution,” said Jean-François Lennon, vice president for global business development and sales at Vision-Box. “Not only to enhance safety and protection, quickly identifying irregular situations, but also to streamline control procedures and turn the mythic La Linea crossing into a secure journey to travelers.”

Previously reported, Vision-Box is providing the entire biometric and biographic enrollment infrastructure for the first security eDocument being issued to European Union employees.

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