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FotoNation to demo biometrics portfolio at Mobile World Congress

FotoNation Limited will be demonstrating its latest biometric products at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona later this month.

FotoNation offers a broad portfolio of advanced biometrics that deliver high security and advanced analytics. MIRLIN SDK is FotoNation’s starting point for customers developing iris recognition solutions. The fully featured toolkit allows the company’s partners to build iris recognition engines, enrollment and ID management applications that use iris image or template databases.

FotoNation’s iris recognition biometric algorithms are used worldwide in defence, law enforcement and border control with new versions optimized for mobile device platforms. The SDK conforms to ISO/IEC 19794-6:2011 requirements and includes functions for “fast focus” assessment, iris and pupil sizes and ratios, eye occlusion (visible iris area), dynamic range and other parameters that enable quick acceptance or rejection of raw images.

The SDK aims to provide seamless and accurate iris detection and capture using advanced de-noising and image stability techniques ensure maximum image information. Small template size allows for fast, logic based matching while rapid iris and pupil segmentation are handled by a patented methodology. Proprietary liveness and spoof detection functions allied to advanced biometric data protection techniques ensure personal ID security.

Accurate iris recognition biometrics require excellent optical performance. The firm claims its solution adopts advanced and proprietary lens designs, optimal focus for different illumination
wavelengths, rapid auto-focus control and dynamic exposure control.

FotoNation will also be demonstrating its facial recognition technology at the event. FotoNation offers both consumer grade and biometric strength face recognition technologies for mobile devices. The integration requirements are scenario specific. Its face recognition system is powered by its FacePower™ Face Detection & Tracking algorithm, which contains face features modeling and accurate eye tracking systems.

The system can detect over 62 facial landmarks with strong robustness to identify age, gender, expression and pose, The system is fine-tuned to function in difficult conditions including poor illumination (side light, backlight, toplight or no light) or obstructions (hats or sunglasses).

FotoNation’s face recognition system is optimized for mobile platforms and supports multiple use cases based on person priority, tagging or face based clustering. The system can be calibrated for both near infrared and visible light, and works in a wide range of illumination conditions.

The system can run stand-alone, or coupled with MIRLIN Iris Recognition. In addition, the facial scan solution can be configured for different scenarios, including: still or video, platform specifications, contextual information, adaptive learning or offline tuning.

FotoNation’s demo will show how its products can cater to new markets emerging around mobile devices for secure user ID authentication, along with ID fraud protection for banking, m-commerce transactions and access to subscription services.

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