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Biometrics Institute kicks off 2016 industry survey with new questions

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The Biometrics Institute has kicked off its seventh annual Industry Survey which invites members and key stakeholders to discuss their perspectives on recent and upcoming developments in the use of biometrics.

The 2016 industry survey assesses key trends regarding the implementation of biometrics, including which biometric technologies and modalities are being used.

The findings will provide important insights into opportunities and challenges for the biometrics industry as well as highlight key areas for research and development.

The survey also serves as a resource for the entire industry, as well as helps inform the prioritization of the Biometric Institute’s efforts for the next 12 months.

The Biometrics Institute now has more than 200 member organizations which represents nearly 800 individuals, and a broader network of more than 6000 contacts.

This diversity ensures that Biometrics Institute is well positioned to capture the cross-sectoral views of the industry.

“There has been an expansion in the use of biometrics over the last year, some of which has been in new sectors and for different purposes,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute. “We have added questions to this year’s survey to better understand current and future implementation across various sectors. We are particularly excited to see what developments the industry expects to see over the next 12 months.”

Previously reported, the Biometrics Institute released a summary paper updating members and stakeholders on the progress of and next steps for its proposed Privacy Trust Mark.

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