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Structure Security 2016


Structure Security 2016
September 27-28, 2016
San Francisco CA

Structure Security is the gathering place for information security professionals, tech industry leaders, business executives, security vendors and investors to discuss the importance of security as part of the ever increasing reliance on technology in our digital world.

You’ll hear how technology companies are working to build security into game-changing products that businesses have come to rely on, such as the public cloud, virtual machines and containers, and the internet of things.

You’ll also listen to CIOs explain how they consider the adoption of these business-changing technologies, as they make clear which features and services security vendors need to provide in order to get on their radar and simplify their lives.

CISOs will describe the strategies they are adopting to keep up with both threats and the growth of their own products, including how and why they select security technologies, how they overcome the shortage of qualified personnel and how they cope with the lack of knowledge and understanding from their bosses.

And finally, hear from some of the most innovative security companies about how they make digital technologies more secure, replace obsolete controls, enhance existing controls and improve the cost effectiveness of security operations centers.

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