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Face Forensics releases improved version of face recognition technology


Face Forensics Inc. has released an improved version of its advanced f2 face recognition technology for identity verification applications.

Designed for integration into existing access control systems, the technology is meant to verify that the individual presenting an ID card is the same person to whom it was issued, and ultimately prevent unauthorized individuals from entering a building.

As an employee walks into a secure building, their ID card number is read either by scanning an RFID chip on the card or through a card reader. The technology then retrieves the individual’s photo from the employee database.

Throughout this process, a video camera automatically takes several shots of the individual’s face and immediately encodes and compares the images with those in the database.

If the images match the person will be allowed to enter the building without interruption. The system also detects when an employee buddy-punches in an attempt to enter on behalf of another employee.

In a situation where an individual’s face is intentionally partially obscured, such as by the person’s hand, f2’s unique partial face recognition capability can be used to help identify the person.

f2 is designed to integrate into existing access control systems and connects easily to images in existing industry-standard databases.

Face Forensics has posted a short video demo of f2.

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