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IBM to add behavioral biometrics feature that detects banking fraud

IBM to add behavioral biometrics feature that detects banking fraud

IBM is adding a behavioral biometrics feature to its Trusteer Pinpoint Detect anti-bank-fraud toolkit to help banks easily detect detect unauthorized logins, according to a report by Fast Company.

The new feature, which will be rolled out later this year, will automatically use machine learning to create statistical models tracking how individual users move the cursor while using banking sites and flag unusual behavior.

“The system automatically learns normal user behavior,” said Brooke Satti Charles, financial crime prevention strategist at IBM Trusteer. “It’s about what the user does, not what the user knows.”

Charles said that since there is no new credential for a user to accidentally show, the system should make it significantly more difficult for unauthorized users to dupe than those based solely on passwords.

The new feature will work with existing Pinpoint Detect features that detect any unusual changes in a user’s location, device, or software settings.

The software will not lock a user out of an account, but instead, will flag any suspicious activity for a bank’s system to review and take any necessary action.

The system is designed to learn multiple patterns of normal behavior for accounts with more than one user, such as joint bank accounts, Charles said.

Since the software looks at overall patterns in how a user moves the cursor — and not the page components they actually click on — it shouldn’t penalize them from accessing new sections of their banks’ sites..

“The really cool, unique part is it’s seamless and non-invasive to an end user, so it supports the online customer experience, basically stopping fraud—not productivity,” Charles said.

The system also prevents fraudsters from capturing users’ exact mouse movements and duplicating them, as it is designed to detect user movements that are suspiciously identical.

Trusteer is also integrating data and machine learning models that will be anonymized and won’t be able to be exploited to compromise account credentials or other private data.

Once it is rolled out, the feature will initially focus on learning how users move laptop and desktop mice and trackpads. However, Trusteer may introduce comparable mobile tools at some point in the future.

Pinpoint Detect currently has tools to spot malware and compromised operating systems on mobile devices.

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