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A discussion with fingerprint technology firm Integrated Biometrics


For nearly a decade and a half, Integrated Biometrics has been developing and delivering fingerprint scanners designed to withstand difficult operating environments with minimal maintenance, while providing accurate high-resolution fingerprint images even at extreme temperatures.

The company’s compact, energy-efficient FBI-certified fingerprint scanners are exclusively used by law enforcement, border management, and homeland security.

Wrapping up a landmark year that saw the company achieve top rankings on the 2016 SC 25 Fastest Growing Companies and Inc. 5000 lists, Integrated Biometrics is focused on reaching its ongoing goals as we head into 2017.

BiometricUpdate.com had the opportunity to discuss Integrated Biometrics’ top rankings, upcoming biometric trends, and new developments going into 2017, with David Gerulski, vice president at Integrated Biometrics.

Integrated Biometrics recently ranked #9 on the list of the 2016 SC 25 Fastest Growing Companies. Tell me what this means for Integrated Biometrics in the scope of the biometrics industry?

David Gerulski: As you mention, Integrated Biometrics did receive recognition from the state of South Carolina as its 9th Fastest Growing Company. IB also received recognition from Inc. 5000 as the 965th fastest growing company. Though it is honor to be recognized for our explosive growth, IB’s singular goal is to be the world’s number one FBI certified fingerprint sensor provider. Integrated Biometrics is razor focused on this goal and continues to innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

I understand that Integrated Biometrics has been expanding its global outreach by delivering presentations and exhibiting at various conferences throughout the world. What are some specific global markets you are focusing on?

Integrated Biometrics does one thing. We build fingerprint sensors based on Light Emitting Sensor (LES) technology. We don’t sell end-user devices, AFIS systems or other biometric products. Our market is to supply global integrators, in a variety of markets, with the best sensor technology to implement within their identity solutions. Whether it be law enforcement, military, national ID, or healthcare and finance, wherever end-users require precision in the identification of a human, alive or dead, Integrated Biometrics will be there to supply and support its partners worldwide.

Can you forecast any upcoming trends in the biometrics industry — particularly in the realm of fingerprint recognition — for 2017?

You have heard the comment “Size Matters.” 2017 is being set up as the battle for the certified mobile market. Biometric device manufacturers are demanding smaller, lighter, lower power consuming FBI certified sensors for their newest mobile solutions. I believe it is all coming to a head in 2017.

Remember the 1980s when a mobile personal computer was the size of a suitcase? The biometrics industry is just now coming to the end of that era as other sensor manufacturers are beginning to build Appendix F certified fingerprint enrollment sensors to compete with Integrated Biometrics’ Kojak and Sherlock for the mobile market.

What are some new developments we can expect from Integrated Biometrics within the upcoming weeks and going into 2017?

2017 is going to be another big year for Integrated Biometrics. In 2016 we announced and delivered for mass production Kojak, a completely new take on lightweight, ultra-low power consuming ten print and roll finger print scanners. All I can tell you right now about our plans for 2017 is IB will once again change the game in the certified sensor market.

What advice would you give to product integrators of fingerprint technology?

Giving advice to product integrators is not what IB does. We’ve become successful – our previously mentioned growth – is not based on giving advice. We have achieved what we have by listening to product integrators, by taking their advice, and building the sensors that the market wants.

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