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Fujitsu’s latest smartphone using Delta ID iris recognition technology


Delta ID announced its ActiveIRIS 3.0 technology is powering the iris scanner of Fujitsu’s latest smartphone, the arrows NX F-01J launched by NTT DOCOMO, INC in Japan.

The arrows NX F-01J marks the third Fujitsu smartphone to feature iris scanning technology, following last year’s release of the arrows NX F-04G and F-02H.

Delta ID’s patent-pending ActiveIRIS iris recognition technology enables users to simply look at their device to unlock it, make a payment or login into an application or service.

ActiveIRIS 3.0 significantly improves the usability and reliability of iris scanning, with results from independent tests concluding that the new iris scanner in the arrows NX F-01J performs nearly twice as fast as the one in F-02H.

The new iris scanner also saw a 99.7% success rate indoors, and above 90% success rate in difficult conditions such as outdoors, in bright sunlight.

“Iris scanners are an extremely popular feature in Fujitsu-manufactured smartphones,” said Katsumi Takada, president of Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited. “We are impressed by the significant enhancements in usability and reliability in the latest version of Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS technology, which offers users exceptional performance in the arrows F-01J.”

ActiveIRIS technology combines its patented hardware design and advanced software algorithm to bring iris scanning and recognition to mobile devices that is fast and easy to use for consumers, and simple and inexpensive for mobile OEMs to integrate.

Since it partnered with Fujitsu and NTT DOCOMO to bring iris scanning and recognition technology to market in the F-04G smartphone, Delta ID has launched its ActiveIRIS technology in multiple devices from various OEMs.

“We are singularly focused on advancing the usability and reliability of our iris scanning and recognition technology,” said Salil Prabhakar, president and CEO of Delta ID. “We are very happy with the performance test results of the arrows NX F-01J smartphone. We are sure the users will love the ease of using their iris to authenticate themselves on the arrows F-01J smartphone.”

Previously reported, Delta ID Inc. was awarded certification for its ActiveIRIS technology by Standardization, Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) from India’s Ministry of Communication and IT.

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