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Touché launches biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform

Touché launches biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform

Touché released what it calls the world’s first biometric loyalty and payment platform, eliminating the need for physical payment or loyalty cards.

Manufactured in Singapore, Touché is a rectangular device comprised of a magnetic stripe reader, chip reader, and a 2.2-inch biometric fingerprint sensor that is certified and capable of multiple payment options.

According to the company, the fingerprint sensor delivers the highest resolution in the market to detect two fingers for efficient payments.

After an initial enrollment, customers can choose to pay either by scanning two fingers or with their physical credit cards. The device works over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

“Touché is a world first. It is not a better mousetrap, but a brand-new idea,” said Sahba Saint-Claire, CEO of Touché. “At its core, it aims to make people’s lives easier by removing the need to carry things such as credit cards, loyalty and membership cards, vouchers, coupons, etc. while ensuring they get all the benefits to which they are entitled. You register on Touché once at anywhere that offers the service and you can use it globally.”

The device scans any two fingers of an individual to extract approximately 40 to 45 specific points of each fingerprint.

Instead of storing images of the user’s fingerprints, the device encrypts the information on a cloud system to make it nearly impossible for hackers to replicate their fingerprints.

In addition, Touché’s anti-spoofing and live detection technology ensures that the fingerprints are real.

Credit card information is tokenized, while the card details themselves are not stored in the database or on the device.

The device communicates with the server using the highest encryption levels to protect users’ privacy.

At first visit to a merchant, users can pay with their credit card and use the Touché platform to link the card to their fingers.

They can then update their specific information online and add their profile picture, automating the process for subsequent visits to any Touché-supported merchant.

In addition to offering payment methods, the Touché wallet provides favourite offers, loyalty programs, vouchers, coupons and memberships.

Businesses can integrate the platform into their existing technology and process environments, as well as customize the platform to their own loyalty programs to provide unique discounts to different customers.

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