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ID4Africa to hold document and credential symposium at Namibia event


ID4Africa has announced that its annual event will feature a special document and credential security symposium. The symposium, entitled “DocSec” will provide a full day program of four sessions, focused on: expert tutorials, credential security printing, security features, ePassports, travel documents, along with sessions focused on combating identity and document fraud.

ID4Africa bills itself as a multi-stakeholder movement that promotes the transparent and responsible adoption of digital ID management in the service of development in Africa. The organization will hold its annual flagship event April 26-28, 2017 in Windhoek, Namibia.

The event will provide a comprehensive platform for governments, international development agencies, solution providers and domain experts to exchange ideas and information. The aim of the ID4Africa event will be for governments to advance high-level dialogue, share experiences and examine real world best practices.

The symposium’s first session on document and credential security will bring together three world renowned experts, who will provide pedagogical tutorials designed to facilitate knowledge transfer and to contribute to training and capacity building.

The second session will provide an overview of the various options and their costs available for securing credentials. This includes advances in printing and personalization solutions that are tamper proof, tamper evident or tamper resistant including overt and covert security printing techniques, security inks, holograms, transparent security windows, optically variable photos, watermarks and devices, and more. In some cases printing and personalization solutions as well as security printing features will be dependent upon the chosen card or document substrate.

The third session will explore matters related to international interoperability constraints, program design, credential design, establishing trust, business models and economic considerations, and architectures for linkage with national identity programs associated with ePassports and other travel documents in Africa.

The last session is scheduled to provide an overview of patterns of fraud experienced in the real world. It will explain how document fraud is best detected, including forensic approaches and “documetrics” (building country by country reference databases that can be automatically used by document readers to distinguish fraudulent from real documents). It will also explore potential international cooperation to ensure knowledge sharing related to fraudulent document production and organized crime exploitation of credentials.

The new document and credential security symposium is result of ID4Africa responding to government identity authorities for more document and credential security tracks. According to ID4Africa, this is in line with the organization’s objective to hold advanced high-level dialogue at its annual event. The track is scheduled for the conference’s second day: Thursday, 27 April, 2017.

BiometricUpdate.com will provide comprehensive coverage of these sessions as the “official journalist” of the event. Last year, Biometric Update covered delegates from 32 African nations, 22 international development agencies and 80 companies who attended the last event in Kigali, Rwanda, along with providing coverage from the exhibitor space that featured 60 companies. Biometric Update intends to expand its coverage at the upcoming Windhoek event.

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