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Vision-Box debuts on-the-move facial recognition gateway

Vision-Box debuts on-the-move facial recognition gateway

Vision-Box partnered with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to present Seamless Gateway — a contactless, face biometrics passenger identification gateway connecting passengers with the airport, airline and border control authorities — during Passenger Terminal Expo this week.

Seamless Gateway provide passengers with a seamless walkthrough identification experience at the airport, all without having to stop or interact with security officers at control points .

The facial recognition system identifies the passenger within a few seconds, without compromising the biometric capture quality or matching accuracy of the single token.

During each clearance process, the system captures a facial image of each approaching passenger on the move. The biometrics information is then matched against a traveler data envelope which includes the biometric and biographic details of the expected arriving passenger.

The single solution approach adapts itself to each passenger’s unique behavior and features, and automatically activates alternative identification methods if necessary.

As a secure technology for Automated Border Control, the system complies with the highest security standards and operates according to international regulations and best practices, under a strict privacy-by-design architecture.

“We are thrilled to be at Passenger Terminal Expo along with Schiphol Airport, our long-time and valued partners in seamless passenger modernization,” said Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann. “This year, we are proud to unveil Seamless Gateway, a brand new concept that literally allows a passenger to go through checkpoints without stopping and heralds a revolution in the dynamic between passenger, airport, airlines and border authorities. This innovation truly is a stimulating new chapter for the passenger services model and stakeholder collaboration.”

Meanwhile, the Vision-Box IoT Service Platform Orchestra integrates the entire passenger identification and common use flow infrastructure of solutions and processes, leveraging all traveler and journey data into actionable intelligence.

Orchestra delivers a unique collaborative management ecosystem for all stakeholders to ensure a personalized, efficient passenger experience within the Digital Airport Program.

“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been boosting innovation in every aspect that concerns passenger experience together with our partners the Ministry of Security & Justice, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Vision-Box,” said Wilma van Dijk, safety, security and environment director of Schiphol Group. “Now, to be the first airport in the world to offer a completely non-stop contactless journey and to demonstrate such innovation at Passenger Terminal Expo are great reasons to celebrate. For us, modernization goes hand in hand with innovative technology. The state-of-the-art Seamless Gateway supports us with our Digital Airport Program.”

In addition, Vision-Box Mobile ID leverages highly secure biometric tokens for seamless and contactless authentication in authorized IoT devices.

The mobile ID solution can be used to digitally store multiple identification documents in a smartphone, which can then seamlessly and securely communicate to several services while connecting various agencies and authorities.

Using a network of IoT devices, each individual transaction is stored and processed using Trustchain, Vision-Box’s blockchain technology.

As a result, authorized IoT devices can conduct risk assessments and assess the level of confidence in the individual’s personal identity, based on the sequence of ID verifications in the person’s IoT history.

Previously reported, Vision-Box facial recognition software is being tested at Charles de Gaulle airport.

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