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SensibleVision uses a simultaneous multifactor authentication process to eliminate photo and video spoofing


SensibleVision has introduced a facial recognition authentication solution based on 10 years of research and development that has generated six patents.

According to a company statement, the “spoof-proof” solution cannot be fooled with photographs or video.

“Secure and simple authentication on all devices is a priority for today’s users who do everything from banking to sharing confidential medical information on their phones, tablets and computers,” explains says George Brostoff, Co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision. “Our advanced approach leapfrogs current liveness detection technology with a patented simultaneous, multifactor authentication process that addresses a fundamental flaw in facial recognition: fooling software with a simple photograph.”

This approach recognizes the user’s face (something you are) while at the same time another identifier is captured that can range from a gesture, a fingerprint, choosing a secret shape on the screen, speaking a passphrase or even your GPS location (something you know, or another highly personal factor).

The company says the entire process takes just 1-2 seconds, speeding access while improving security and delivering the benefits of multifactor authentication for accessing apps and devices.

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