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Precise Biometrics releases spoof and liveness detection solutions

Precise Biometrics releases spoof and liveness detection solutions

Precise Biometrics has released a new security suite that includes fingerprint matching software with spoof and liveness detection, as well as standalone anti-spoof products and services.

The new suite comes amid the growing demand for secure and trustworthy mobile payments.

The new solutions and services for efficient spoof and liveness detection are designed to protect fingerprint sensors which are vulnerable to spoofing via fake fingers.

The security suite’s main feature is the integration of spoof and liveness detection capability into Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint software for mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile.

This anti-spoof solution is software-based, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated without any additional hardware.

Additionally, the solution works with any type of sensor on the market and is upgradeable to keep ahead of emerging spoof threats.

The software uses machine learning, which makes it adaptable to detect any form of spoof attacks.

Precise BioMatch Mobile with spoof and liveness detection capabilities will be available by the end of the third quarter.

“This is the first solution that offers fingerprint matching and liveness detection combined in a single software-based product, enabling easier integration at a lower cost compared to hardware-based solutions,” said Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics. “By adding the other features in our security suite, we are offering our customers a one-of-a-kind toolbox for secure fingerprint technology, enabling trustworthy mobile payments.”

Precise Biometrics offers several products and services including vulnerability analysis of fingerprint sensors, which assesses a given fingerprint sensor’s vulnerability to spoofing via spoof attacks, analysis and a subsequent comprehensive report.

Database Collection Services is a live and spoof fingerprint image collection that can create databases and train algorithms to improve fingerprint matching or spoof and liveness detection.

Finally, Fingerprint Spoof Lab is a turnkey kit for building spoof resistance in fingerprint sensors that contains guidelines and information about spoof creation, spoof specimens and lab supplies, as well as a user guide, for testing and evaluating sensor vulnerability.

Sensor technology manufacturer VKANSEE is already licensing both Precise BioMatch Mobile and Precise Biometrics spoof and liveness detection solution.

“The combination of efficient fingerprint matching technology with cutting edge spoof detection will bolster our already aggressive solution to prevent fraud from security vulnerabilities and guard against unauthorized access,” said Jason Chaikin, President of VKANSEE.

Earlier this month, Precise Biometrics concluded an agreement with IDENTOS regarding the takeover of the company’s mobile smartcard solutions business area, which includes the business operation involving smartcard readers under the Tactivo brand.

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